What We Teach:

Hermanitas comments Carlsbad Middle School:
"I learned to be a better friend and leave those who treat me bad."
"I am now planning for my future and for college."  [many said that] 
"I have really learned about self-worth.  Before Hermanitas, I didn't think I was worth anything. 

Thank you for that!"

What We’re Doing

Parent of Hermanita from Carlsbad Middle School:
"Me parece un buen programa para ayudar a las niñas a hacer consciente sobre la importancia de ir a la universidad. Me encanta que están expuestas a personas profesionales para que se inspiren."  
"I think it is a wonderful program and so important for our fellow female Latinas, especially in today's world."

Here's what some of our Hermanitas & their families have to say about MANA:

Parent of Hermanita from Escondido Middle School:
" Ella siempre llega emocionada con todo lo que ha aprendido en Hermanitas."
The Esco parents noted significant positive change in their daughters in the areas of:  attending college; eating healthier and in abstaining from sexual relations while a teen. 

-The principles of success & overcoming obstacles in life

-How to choose a career based on interests & skills

Planning for college

-Setting & achieving personal, academic, & career goals

-Leadership development, including studying role models & public speaking skills

-Health, nutrition, and fitness (including diabetes prevention)

-Prevention education (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual diseases, internet safety, bullying)

-Positive body image, self confidence, waiting for sex

-Cultural appreciation 

About Us:

The national organization MANA was founded in 1974. We are represented in 21 cities around the U.S. MANA de North County San Diego was founded in 2009 by Co-Founder Gabriela Hooshmand. MANA’s signature program is the Hermanitas® Mentoring Program for Latina Teens. We promote values of: 

- Leadership development

- Making wise decisions
- Community Service / Advocacy
- Sharing our culture
- Providing our mentees w/ Latina role models

Hermanitas comments Escondido Middle School:
"I used to look at the models and wish that I was them, but now I know that I am beautiful and I don't need anyone to tell me so."
"I learned how to be successful and plan for the future."
"This is an amazing safe place where you can have fun and learn new things."
"I learned to change my attitude."