“The Latina in me is an ember that blazes forever.” – Sonia Sotomayor

Why We Do What We Do

  • More than half of Latinx students don’t have a plan for college.
  • Latinas have an idyllic view of young motherhood and make up a large percentage of teen mothers.
  • Communication about safe sex between Latina teens and their parents is limited or non-existent.

0 %

of all children born to mothers under 20 are born to Latinas.

0 %

of Latina students drop out of high school.

0 %

of Latinx students are enrolled in college prep classes.

0 %

graduation rate of Latinas.

The North County Teen Pregnancy Problem

7 hot spots for teen pregnancy have been identified in California. Oceanside, a North Country city, has been identified as one of these at-risk locations.


Hermanitas Mentoring Program

The Hermanitas Program works with middle school girls to guide them onto a successful path early and to establish a foundation of abstinence. Mana partners with the Pregnancy Resource Center’s “I’m Waiting” Campaign to achieve this goal. We teach our program members to focus on their future, not the moment. With our efforts, we can raise the graduation rate of Latina students, reduce the rate of Latina teen pregnancy, send more Latinas to college, continue the ripple effect of the Hermatinas program for their siblngs and close friends, and increase community involvement.

“Young women should pave their own path.
I find it quite confining to live up to anybody else’s expectations of who you should be.” —Jessica Alba


Making Herstory in North San Diego County

The national organization Mana was founded in 1974. We are represented in 21 cities around the U.S. Mana de North County San Diego was founded in 2009 by Co-Founder Gabriela Hooshmand. Mana’s signature program is the Hermanitas Mentoring Program for Latina Teens.

What We Teach

  • The principles of success and overcoming obstacles in life
  • How to choose a career based on skills and interest
  • Planning for college
  • Setting and achieving personal, academic, and career goals
  • Leadership development, including studying role models and public speaking skills
  • Health, nutrition, and fitness (including diabetes prevention)
  • Prevention education (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual diseases, internet safety, bullying)
  • Positive body image, self-confidence, waiting for sex
  • Cultural appreciation

“Grow organically and give opportunity to other people.” – Lourdes Martinez

Board of Directors

  • Griselda Beck, M.B.A.
    Griselda Beck, M.B.A. President
  • Gabriela Hooshmand
    Gabriela Hooshmand Co-Founder and Internal Vice President
  • Dulce Miranda
    Dulce Miranda Vice President, External Affairs
  • Adriana Brunner, M.B.A.
    Adriana Brunner, M.B.A. Vice President, External Affairs
  • Corie DeAnda, M.S.
    Corie DeAnda, M.S. Hermanitas Director
  • Adriana Toledo
    Adriana Toledo Secretary

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